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I specialise in working with women.  I provide safe, women-only spaces in which you can explore whatever you need to, in order to change, heal, and grow.  Just to be clear: I am not anti-men, I am just passionate about supporting women’s development and healing.
What I offer is geared towards helping women who have been through difficult experiences in their lives; those who are struggling to be healthy – physically, psychologically or emotionally; or those who may be feeling lost, alone, or experiencing difficulties with their relationships.

Unexplainable Symptoms

If you are experiencing physical or emotional symptoms that no-one is able to explain, you may be suffering from a traumatic response to a past event.  During periods of stress our sympathetic nervous systems kick in to help us take the actions we need to deal with the stress.  But if this system becomes over-stimulated this can contribute to health problems.  Learning how to bring this system back into balance and to recognise and better handle the situations, thoughts, or behaviours that trigger this system can help us to reduce symptoms and restore health.

Trauma and Stress

​I offer trauma-informed creative arts therapy, so if you are someone who has experienced trauma (e.g. a life-threatening or shocking experience; abuse, neglect, or adversity in your early life) or have experienced chronic life stresses, my practice is geared towards helping with the problems this may have caused you.  This includes physical pain, psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety, and behavioural and social problems.

Chronic Fatigue

Two specific diseases for which there is currently no cure, and little treatment, but that I can provide support for, are CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and Fibromyalgia.  As someone who is in recovery from CFS/ME myself, and who has undertaken extensive research into this as part of my Master’s degree, I have learned ways to help sufferers to reduce their symptoms and pain and increase their energy and functionality.


​Please note that CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia first need to have been diagnosed, or confirmed, by a qualified Medical Doctor. If you are worried about any physical illness you should always get it checked out by your GP prior to starting any Creative Arts Therapy.

Women who are well, but want to change or improve something… 

As a personal development coach and qualified dramatherapist, I can help you work towards any goal or improvement you would like to make in your life.  For example, this might entail making physical changes in your life, work, or relationships; moving towards having a less worried outlook about life or experiencing more joy; or achieving some long cherished goal. 

Other Needs 

If you don’t fit into what I’ve described above but like the sound of what I offer, I’d still be pleased to explore with you whether creative arts therapies can help you, so do get in touch. 
​According to a Forum at the Harvard School of Public Health, adverse experiences in childhood, such as abuse, trauma, neglect, and stress can provoke a “toxic stress response” with lifelong consequences. Such stress may influence brain development and increase the risk for illnesses such as CFS/ME, heart disease and diabetes.