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If you are a woman who is looking to heal, change, and grow in order to become more of the amazing person you were born to be, you are in the right place! 
You may have specific issues or health problems you would like support with, or you may be unclear about what your therapeutic ‘work’ is, but know something needs to change.  Whatever has brought you to this point, finding an ally who has the skills and experience to work with you is a great move.  By choosing creative arts therapies you are giving yourself the advantages of both a psychological and active therapy.  This means you get to talk about stuff, but crucially you will also use your body to ‘do’, ‘be’ and ‘create’ things.  This can provide a whole other level of insight and new experience that you are unlikely to get in talk therapies. 
Together, we can explore and work on psychological, physical, and/or emotional problems because as a ‘whole’ human being these parts of you are integrated.  Problems in one area inevitably have knock-on effects on the rest of you. 
I bring my therapeutic training as a Dramatherapist, as well as my knowledge, empathy, creativity, and the wisdom I have gained from working to become healthy and happy following my own experiences of trauma, stress, and illness, to help you do the same.  When you’ve had a look around my website, drop me an email or give me a call.  A consultation is free and then you can decide if this approach is for you.  I hope you’ll get in touch.
Blessings for your life, Susie